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Is your cargo Safe?

   There are two tendencies of international cargo transportation.
1.With the increasing enrichment in human being’s life and continuous upgrade of country industries, the percentage of high value-added products become higher and higher in the container cargos.
2. The higher value the product is, the more its recovery costs, the easier to be damaged.

For examples
*Aerospace equipment, network server system, tel-communication facilities, auto engine and its accessories;
*IT products, photocopy device, photography equipment, computers, DV, electronic equipment, sound equipment;
*Laboratory apparatus, medical instrument, machine, precision components;
*Medicine, biological products, blood bank, chemical products, developer solution;
*Furniture, jewelry and jade article, lighting ornament, glasswork……
*Any problem occurred during the transportation will lead your cargo irrecoverable loss!

International Transportation Route Presentation:

    From the exporter’s factory to the consignee’s warehouse, normally it takes 2-3 months’ get to the final destination, and the journey may cover thousands of miles and the geographic location changes from time to time.
Your cargo is challenged by quite a few factors, as follows,
   I. Damage from mechanical movement
   1、The possible damages caused by folklift or tough manual work during loading at the exporter’s warehouse, charging and discharging at transfer storehouse, discharging at consignee’s warehouse

   2、The possible damages due to the shaking, bumping, hitting of the cargo in container during the transportation(including inland transportation in the exporter’s country, long-distance ocean transportation and inland transportation in the importer’s country.
3、The possible damages due to the shaking, bumping, hitting of the cargo in the course of containers’ lifting and moving(including stacking and loading at the export port, transship at the transfer port, and discharging and stacking at the destination port.)

   II. Damage from climate change
It is mainly caused by violent humidity and temperature changes, humidity damage and high temperature burning, due to the change of longitude and latitude, voyage crossing over different climatic areas and, day and night alternation, which leads to cargo moldy, rust, oxidized, deteriorated and even chemical reaction happens and results in serious safety accidents subsequently.

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