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Logo Meaning

1. Honesty& Credibility
Honesty is the base of all human’s good characters, root of our career. Credit is our core assets, never break the principle of being honest and creditable.

2. Create values to customers
Create more value and benefit to our customers and the market before taking any profit. Being professional is our responsibility to the customers. Often ask ourselves: Have we really achieved to help the customers save time, money and smooth their worries away?

3. Create values to suppliers
Suppliers are our allies and partners. It is our responsibility to create value to suppliers by placing regular purchase orders, sharing reasonable profit, helping them to reduce costs, improving their management, enhancing supply chain efficiencies.

4. Our mission
It is our honorable mission to train and educate talents. The quality and quantity of talent is a key indicator to judge if UNITED-PORTS’ career succeeds or not. It is our bounden duty to build and provide a platform to realize the talents’ self-worth and full development.

5. Stand where we are
Hold dream, focus on our own position. Do not take diversification route. Do not follow blindly. Do not be greed. Do not search unreasonable profit.

6. Welcome changes
Open minded, accept the variety of things, welcome changes, ready to break the stereotypes, dare to try and exploit, willing to take risks and pay cost for innovations. Keep independence from experience and authority. Being tolerant to those mistakes for innovations and getting up to act.

7. More chances to talented people
Recruit and select talented people, give more chances to talented people, not acquaintance or relatives. Respect personality and reasonable demand.

8. Corporate citizen.
Believe in "only being normative can be long-lasting", to be a law-abiding, responsible corporate citizen.

9. System &Rules
Believe in system’s power, respect the game rules, protect the openness and fairness of the system.

10. Life &Work
Keep good balance of life and work, never waste time. Good planning, excellent implementation.