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Why Choose Uni-Ports?

   What Values We bring to you?
For Cargo-related materials, most of the customers find they are in demand of “Many Kinds, Small quantity.” These materials are not the key raw material of their products, but just serving and helping their cargo after the products are ready. You have to use them from time to time, but hard to reach a large consumption quantity.

In this situation, the customers find it is a difficult thing to negotiate with the manufacturers of these cargo-related materials, as their purchase order is not big enough to make the manufacturers happy. They have to contact and deal with 10 or more manufacturers at the same time. One hand, they pay higher price, spend much more time, on the other hand, they can not get good service and prompt delivery.
Especially for the global purchasers, the complicated export procedures in the original countries and the import procedures in the destination country, make the“Many kinds, small quantity” purchase a very troublesome challenge.

   Small Quantity

   United-Ports turn the above troublesome challenge into easy job.

1. Save your time:You need no waste time to contact 10 or more manufacturers for a variety of products, negotiate price one by one, place orders one by one, worry about different delivery period one by one. We deliver a variety of products to you one time.

2. Reduce your risk:Our professional product managers and QC divisions control the quality risk of products to a minimum and guarantee your interest. In the case of any quality claim happen, United-Ports will be responsible to you, instead that you negotiate with 10 or more manufacturers like before.

3.Lower your cost:Our packaged delivery one time save much freight for you.

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  Why Choose Uni-Ports?

1.One stop supply, total solution service
More than 300 kinds of cargo-related products for your free choices.
*Cargo Protection Solution
*Cargo Moisture Control Solution
*Cargo Flow Improvement Solution
*Cargo Sorting & Management Solution
*Cargo Hoisting Operation Solution
*Cargo Tools Solution

2. One product, More options

As standard service, when receiving your inquiry of one product, if you need, we will recommend several options for your OWN comparison and selection.
*Options at different price
*Options in different brand
3. NO M.O.Q Restriction
We do not have Minimum Order Quantity restriction, not like all the manufacturers and exporters are doing so.
For regular export shipment, we only have Minimum Order Amount: USD1000.00/per shipment
A Mixture Order of different model or products is acceptable.
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Why Choose UniPorts?