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Heavy-Duty Vernier Caliper
Vernier Caliper
Box Level
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Electrician Tool Sets
SATA Telecom Tool Set, 53 pieces
Machinery Repair Tool Set, 58pieces
Automotive Multi-Purpose Meter
Standard Digital Multimeter
Intelligent Digital Multimeter
Digital Multimeter(Bench-Type)
Electric Tools
Digital Voltage Tester
Workshop Stationery
Time Recorder
White Board
White Board Marker

——Electrician Tool Sets

15KINPEX Tool Sets, 15pieces

1. 200mm Electrical insulated cutting pliers;
2. 160mm Electrical insulated wire-stripping pliers;
3. 200mm Electrical nipper pliers (With cutting feature);
4. 160mm Electrical insulated diagonal cutting nippers;
5. 230mm Electrical insulated cable cutter;
6. SW10mm Electrical insulated spanner;
7. SW10mm Electrical insulated spanner;
8. SW14mm Electrical insulated spanner;
9. SW17mm Electrical insulated spanner;
10. SW19mm Electrical insulated spanner;
11. 2.8mm Slot type insulated screwdriver series;
12. 4.0mm Slot type insulated screwdriver series;
13. 5.5mm Slot type insulated screwdriver series;
14. 6.5mm Slot type insulated screwdriver series;
15. 180mm Electrical insulated cable knife

* Adopt plastic tool bag
* Equip electrician tools series scientifically. VDE tested according to DIN EN/IEC 60900.

SATA Electrical Maintenance Series,23 pieces
1. Plastic handle monkey wrench 6”; 1piece
2. A Series nut screwdriver 5*75mm; 2 pieces
3. T series slot type screwdriver 3*75mm, 5*75mm, 6*100mm; 3 pieces
4. T series cruciform screwdriver #0*75#1*75#2*100#2*125; 4 pieces
5. American nipper plier 6”; 1 piece
6. American cutting plier 6”; 1 piece
7. Mini-middle-dentate hand file 185mm; 1 piece
8. Mini-middle-dentate round file 185mm; 1 piece
9. Tip tweezers 125mm; 1 piece
10. External Heated longevity electric iron 30w; 1 piece
11. Aluminum manual tin-suction device; 1 piece
12. Portable solder wire 1.0mm; 1 piece
13. Digital test pen; 1 piece
14. Aluminum ally flashlight; 1 piece
15. Insulated tape; 1 piece
16. Special zipper bag, 1 piece

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