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   Product description
       With the performance of outstanding environmental stress cracking resistance (ESCR), IBC is applicable to contain and ship liquid chemicals. The shield outside consists of special shaped steel framework and plastic metal pallet for the loading and unloading by the forklift. It has good resistance of accidental falls and heavy loadings’ stack, meets the shipping requirements of class II dangerous goods in density within 1.9. The performance is in line with the “International Maritime Transport of Dangerous Goods Rules” to allow the international and domestic road, rail, sea and air transport.

      Product feature
       Economical: design for container transport, particularly for all kinds of containers. For example, to load one 20 feet container, using IBCs loads 4 tons more than using barrels. It can be recycled for use.

      Safety: The inner and outer layer had been fluoridation treated. The liner is excellent in mechanical property of high-density polyethylene and widely used in storage, packaging and transport for Class II, Class III dangerous goods.
      Environmental: With a very low penetration rate, the tank body lasts for up to 20 years before weathering, and every part of it can be recycled. 

      Product specification


Full capacity(L)

Outer dimension (mm)

Total Weight(kg)

Min Wall thickness

wall ratio of symmetrical part (mm)


(Metal pallet)







      Product structure:

Technical experiment:
*Drop experiment: environmental temperature at -18℃, height of fall: 1.2m, no breakage and no leakage.
*Gas-tight experiment: 20Kpam air pressure for 20 minutes, no breakage and no leakage.
*Hydraulic experiment: 100Kpa water pressure for 10minutes, no breakage and no leakage.
*Load test: under load of 2100Kg for 24 hours, no deformation and no collapse.

Application fields
Food, food additives, spices, adhesives, lubricants, emulsion paints, printing inks, latex, surfactants, detergents, paper additives, the mixture of concrete, all kinds of acids.

      Storage and transport method


Dynamic load
The stacking height of MH tank according to the density of the material:
Density within 1.5, 2 stacks available
Density over 1.5, 1 stack available
Static load
Four stacks of MH tank in full are available.

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