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——Bulk Container Liner

      Bulk container liner, as a more economical and convenient means than traditional woven bags and ton bags, has been used in the growing market of granules, powders products’ transport. It can be loaded with large quantity of solid granule and raw material in powder, such as corn, flour, plastic particles and a variety of chemical raw materials, etc. As it is containerized transport, comparing with traditional small loading of woven bag, ton bag, It has the advantages of easy handling, low labor cost, large unit volume of loading and no secondary pollution etc. What is more, a lot of time and cost of transfer shipping are saved.

       Product advantage
       1.Take most use of container’s space.
       2.Capsule-shaped bag designed for convenient instilling; the cost is much lower than it of barrels.
       3.Simple operation, the work can be down by only 2-3 people, much less work than that small packing.
       4.Safe, moisture-proof, water-proof, reduce the dust pollution in loading and unloading.

       Product feature

Container lining material
Polyethylene fabric
Aluminum laminated composite material
Metal composites
Partition material
Three-layer fireproof corrugated cardboard
Polypropylene Woven
Polyethylene fabric
Size and location of the chute
We are able to provide chute for most of loading and discharging system, so that to make an appropriate size of the chute at the appropriate location.


       The tendency of the transport means of bulk cargo.

       Feed course

       Discharge course:

       Realistic display:

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