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——Plywood Pallet

      Polywood Pallet is made of pressed timbering residue under high-temperature and high pressure. It is recycle environmental materiel, suitable for the handling and transportation of all types of cargo, especially heavy goods like chemicals, metal products etc.

Product Features
   *Material: veneer, timbering residue
   *High crush resistance, strong bearing capacity, good water resistance;
   *To avoid many disadvantages of traditional wood pallet—knot, bug-bite, color deviation, high moisture;
   *No need animal and plant inspection and quarantine
   *Met Europe and U.S.A imports Quarantine requirement, can be directly exported;
   *Durable, easy to carry and stack, the specifications can be customized.

Ultra-light Polywood Pallet
   *Made of high quality veneer and galvanized steel pillers;
   *High bearing capacity, light weight, 2/3 weight of identical standard pallet, best choice of air transportation.

Ultra-light Polywood Pallet
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