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——CNC Tool Carrier Trolley

      CNC Tool Carrier Trolley is used for storing and sorting different kinds of knives, tools and other accessories. It moves flexibly, help you fetching tools easily, suitable for production workshop and maintenance workshop, etc.

Product Features
    * Muitil-moulding side plate with upended-V holes, it's easy for storing more tools by placing hanging board in level, 15°or 30°angle.
   *Drawers under trolley can store small knives, measuring tools and other valuable objects.
   * High intensity castors for free and stable moving.
   * Anti-oil rubber mat and frame plate are equipped on the front, file folder is on the rear, for different needs.

Product Display

High Quality Castors Knife Positioning Hole Folders Handle
Upended-V hole Operation Plate Chromeplated Knife Stands Detachable Frame



Storage Tool Qty 

Dimension (mm)


BT40x25 pc



BT50x20 pc


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