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——Bin Rack

      Bin Rack is made of high quality steel, specially designed for all types of bin boxes. It is suitable for various production and storage sections. Materials can be stored in divided area according to its sorts and size classification. It saves much time of classification and arrangement, greatly improves the work efficiency.

Product Features
*Surface electrostatic powder coating treatment, durable in use;
*Three sizes of storage rack and bin box for your choice;
* Bin box with oblique mouth, for easy sight. Identification card can be put on the box front.
*Easy installation with the assist of rubber hammer or iron-hammer;
*Locking casters installed at the bottom for free moving.
*Drawable bin box, easy for taking and identifying the inner objects.
*The bin box is made of PE, suitable for various environments.
*Iron netting shelf, flakeboard top-shelf, convenient for storage
*Small and compact package, easy for transportation and storage.
*Storage rack load capacity: 22kg per layer.


Product Application




Rack Size(mm)
L *W *H

Bin Box Size(mm) 
L *W *H

Caster Size(mm) 
Dia *Width




850 *380 *840

Small(380 *150 *90)
Middle(380 *190 *160)
Large(380 *260 *160)

75 *25




850 *380 *168

Small(380 *150 *90)
Middle(380 *190 *160)
Large(380 *260 *160)

75 *25



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