More Protection and Care
to Your Cargo!
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Cargo Protection Solution
More protection to your cargo!

Ocean freight is a long journey,
The wind and waves make the container shaking and bump.
Cargos at stake, collapse and collide ever and again.
Easily lead to a big loss.
Listen to the every heartbeat of cargos.
Remind of your careful attention.
Protect your cargo with care,
Let your cargos stand safely and stably as rock.
Provide you best packaging and transport solution.
Make transport and handling simpler!

Cargo Protection
Dunnage Bag |  Air Blow Gun |  Edgeboard |  Plastic Edge Protector |  Air Cushion Machine |  Air Cushion Packaging |  Air Bubble Bag |  Kraft Bubble Envelope |  Cargo-Net (used in car) |  Cargo Bar& Hoop | 
Stretch Film |  Handwrapper | 
Cable Ties |  Polyester Lashing Belt |  Ratchet Tie Down |  Ratchet Strap |  Load Binder | 
Strapping and Lashing
Poly Strap |  Poly Strapping Tools |  Steel strap |  Steel Strapping Tool |  PET Strap |  PET Strapping Tool |  Strapping Cart |  Strapping Seals | 
Carton Seal&Open
Riveting Hammer |  Rivet Gun |  Blind-Riveting Tool |  Utility Bar |  Pry Bar | 
Container Seals
Steel Cable Seals |  Plastic Seals |  Bolt Seals | 
Impact&Tilt Indicator
Shockwatch Labels |  Shockwatch Clips |  TiltWatch |  TiltWatch Plus |  Shocklog RD298 |  Micro Shocklog RD317 | 
Packing Tape |  OPP&BOPP Packing Tape |  Kraft Tape |  Adhesive Tape Dispenser | 

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