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——Strapping Seals

    Strapping seals are one of widely used packaging material, always equipped together with different straps, which are substitutes of those traditional packing way, like nylon rope, hand banding.

Product Categories
    The choice of a specific strapping seals is often most strongly influence by the type of strapping tool to apply it. 
    Poly strapping seal is used with Poly strap to tighten the package, with high strength and good toughness.
    Polyester strapping seal is made from high quality steel in once molding to ensure that each seal has equal thickness, same size and shape. The neck on the both sides of the seal can firmly tooth the strap. It has great cost performance, is the first option for your package.
    Steel strapping seal is galvanized, and has high and close teeth on inner surface, with over 400 kilos breaking strains, hard to pull off after packing. It is suitable for packing large objects, such as stone, wood, steel, palletized goods, containers etc.

Poly strapping seal

Polyester strapping seal

Steel strapping seal
      Widely used in steel, aluminum, fiber, chemical fiber, cotton, tobacco, paper, metal canning, logistics, electronics, wood and other industries.
Specification Sheet



Thickness & Width


Tensile strength



Poly Strapping Seal

T:0.6mm              W:13mm、16mm、19mm

Easy operation, portable




Polyester Strapping Seal


High grade steel, with close teeth on inner surface




Steel Strapping Seal

W: 16mm、19mm

Firm, for packing of large objects



   PET strapis a popular new type binding solution on the international market as the substitute of steel strap, for its following advantages.
Strong tension resistance:it has tension resistance as strong as steel strap, also extension ability of shock resistance, giving more insurance to your cargo transport.
  Small extension rate:only one-sixth of polypropylene (PP) strap. Long time keep tensile force.
  High thermotolerance: melting point 260 degrees, not distorted in form lower than 120 degrees.
  Good flexibility:No sharp edge like steel strap, safe operation, not harmful to hands and package.
  Nice&rustless:No trouble of the rust stain on package coming from steel strap.Bright in color.
  Economical :1 ton of PET strap is equal to 6 tons of steel strap in length. 50% cost can be saved comparing with steel strap.


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