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——Air Cushion Packaging

Air Care Air Cushion Bag&Packaging is made of air cushion film after being inflation by air cushion machine. It has different size, can be torn by hand in the different length according to different container or package’s interspaces. It has high shockproof function, protect the goods from shock and impact damage.

Product Features
*Low Cost: Cheaper than pulp mold, EPS, EPE, saving transport cost;
*Light Weight: Light weight, maximize saving in storage space,easy to move and transport;
*Safe: Air filled package has stronger cushion strength, greatly improve the product’s security;
*Efficient: When packaging, just start the mini machine, produce air cushion bag just in time. Make it when need it.
*Green: Light, clean packaging material, reusable, recyclable, SGS certified.

Castle®:IIt is named with the meaning as protective and strong as castle.
Film material:LDPE
Film size:400mm*170mm
Film thickness:0.049mm
Inflation thickness:50mm
Features:Plump shape, large flexible air cushion and filling, , use to top fill and side fill a carton quickly with less packing material, can be 1/3 folded vertically, Superior cushioning keeps items from moving in the box.
Application:Ideal for package with big dimension, objects and products in big size, like equipments and instruments etc, or pre-boxed items.
Cabin®:It is named as its double space structure similar to cabin
Film material: LDPE
Film size: 400mm*150mm
Film thickness: 0.049mm
Inflation thickness: 45mm
Features: wrap the objects in 360°, can be 1/2 folded vertically, give all-around protection.
Application: can be used in various fields, ideal for wrapping and packing the objects with edges or in irregular shape.
Capsule®:It is named as its appearance and listing looks like capsules.
Film material: LDPE
Film size: 400mm*150mm
Film thickness: 0.049mm
Inflation thickness: 35mm
Features: special three-row design, can be 1/3 folded vertically, wrap and surround objects easily
Application: used in various fields, ideal for objects with edges and corners.

Chess-Board®:It is named as its appearance looks like chessboard.
Film Material: LDPE
Film size: 400mm*200mm
Film thickness:0.049mm
Inflation thickness:30mm
Features:flexible, good looking, can be 1/4、1/2、3/4 folded horizontally and vertically,ideal for all around filling, cushioning, lining.
Application:suitable for protecting sculptures, large dishware or glassware, candles, lighting fixtures, musical equipment and other medium to large items.


Channels®:It is named as its appearance and shape similar to spreading channels.
Film material: LDPE
Film size: 400mm*190mm
Film thickness: 0.049mm
Inflation thickness: 15mm
Features: achieve automatic inflation, channels design, flat and smooth after inflation, wrap the objects flexibly and closely, save packing space.
Application: used in the packaging of red wine, fruit, digital products, cylinder-shaped product, etc.
Air Care Cushion Bag & Packaging has excellent performance of
Impact Resistance, Extrusion Resistance, Puncture Resistance
Please click and watch the below videos

Air Care + Plate Drop

Air Care +Teapot Drop

Air Care Extrusion Resistance Test

Air Care Puncture Resistance Test

*Electronics, Optical products & accessories
* Medical Equipment, precise instrument
* Car, voyage, aviation, engine,machinery accessories
* Retail shop
* Packaging store and carrier's warehouse.
* Lamps, furniture.
* Artist, Ceramist, Sculptor, Gallery
* Ebay, Taobao Online shop,E-business companies etc


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