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——Household Vacuum Sealer

     Household Vacuum Sealer is especially designed for home and supermarket. With compact size and nice appearance, it has excellent vacuumization ability, available in sealing various kinds of plastic bags. It is easily operated and requires low power, very helpful both in living and small scale production.

Functions and features:
   *Quick to act with the food saver bag in vacuumizing, sealing, and cutting, suitable for food storage under freshness.
   *Vacuum packed food remains freshness longer, effectively prevent food from getting flavor tainted, spoiled, dried when stored in the refrigerator.
   *New designed electric control panel with three independent functions of vacuumization, sealing, and cutting, available to preset proper time for bags in different size and thickness
   *Used to make food packaging bag.
   *Streamline appearance, modern looking.
   *High automatic, with digital control heat sealing time and auto overheated protection system.

Technical index:
   *Power supply: AC 220V/50HZ
   *Heat sealing efficiency: (instant point)650W
   *Vacuum limitation: 0.035Mpa
   *Heat sealing tape length & width: 300×8(mm)
   *Heat seal width: 40-280CM (for bags in big size, seal the whole length in several times)
   *Heat seal time: digital set, auto control.
   *Machine dimension: (length×width×height)(mm)370×140×73(mm)
   *Machine weight: 2.5kg.

   It can used at home, or small companies, restaurants, hotels.



Easy operation, only needs 15 seconds to finish the vacuum pack.
Operate in three steps: Shut(the machine lid)→ Buckle (fasten the buckles on two sides)→ Press( Start button)

 Put the meat into the vacuum bag

Put the bag in the black rubber vacuum tank

Cover the lid and fasten the buckles on the two sides (note: ensure the seal part is smooth) Press start button and not release until the machine stops

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