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——Anti-Static Air Bubble Bag

   Anti-static air bubble bag is made of air bubble polythene film with anti-static function. It protects the products from the damage of collision, friction, static electricity.
It is widely applied in packing electronic components, PC boards, household appliances, instruments, handicraft, glass-ceramic, etc.

Technical features:
   *A kind of mature packing material with air cells on the surface, providing
the effect of shockproof and cushioning.
   *Surface resistance value: 108—1010Ω
   *Excellent impact resistance and thermal lamination ability
   *Non-toxic, no odor, damp-proof, corrosive-resistant, good transparency.

Complex anti-static air bubble bag
By laminating treatment, it can be made with other materials into different complex anti-static air bubble bag as follows,

Conductive type: a lamination of anti-static air bubble film and conductive PE film, suitable for packing products that are sensitive to static electricity.
According to the difference of structure, it has single-sided complex type and double -sided complex type.
Surface resistance value: 103-105Ω

Shielding type: a lamination of anti-static air bubble film and electric shielding film. It has function of anti-static, electrostatic field shielding, shockproof and cushioning.
Surface resistance value: 108—1010Ω,inner surface resistance value: 109-1011Ω (standard environmental test)

Conductive Gridding type is made of anti-static transparent film, gridding printed with black conductive printing ink. Being specially treated, it forms surface resistance against static electricity. It is widely applied in the fields of PC mainboard, communication devices, etc. 

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