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       ColdMark .encased in a cylindrical tube, specially formulated fluids turn from clear to violet when exposed to temperatures below the predetermined activation temperature level. Four activation temperatures cover a broad spectrum of applications. Simply peel the release liner off the back of the indicator and apply the pressure-sensitive adhesive backing to any dry surface to activate and apply.

Specification Data
       *Size: 31 / 4 "length x 3 / 4" Width x 3 / 8 "height 
      *Temperature range: used for the reaction temperature 32 ℉ / 0 ℃  and  26 ℉/-3 ℃;

        It can record if the goods'  temperature is reasonable and correct during transportation, the record of incorrect temperature will not change with temperature and time change, so it is widely used in the shipments of drugs and blood products, food, adhesives, photography and film products etc.

       Removes the tab and barrier film, paste ColdMark to a dry and clean surface on your product or package, put inside or outside of the container (do not place in forced location). Strong viscous gum has been tested, steady applies to uneven surface.

      10pcs/bag, 100pcs per package, put into sealed bags, with product name and quantity on the labels。

ColdMark Color Change

      *Stored above the reaction temperature, do not expose to temperatures of more than 110℉/43℃;
      *Once open to use, the indicator begins to record, no re-cycle;
      *Placed in clean environment, chemical pollution will destroy the indicator;
      *Please use within one year after delivery. 
      *Not sensitive to light. However, if it is exposed in sunshine or ultraviolet radiation, the shell will get aging.

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