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——Hot Melt Glue Gun

      Hot Melt Glue Gun is portable, convenient for use. Only two steps to make it work, first you put the glue stick into the gun, you need only wait a few minutes to pull the trigger to extrude the melted glue, and it is very quick to harden to stick the two parts. With the automatic constant temperature system, it has high working efficiency in low power consuming and long use, and even more safe with the built-in fuse and energizing indicating light.

Technical index:

    *Power Frequency:50/60Hz
    *Watts of power:60W
    *Glue stick:11mm*240mm

Performance and Features

      *High-tech ceramic PTC thermistor element enables a fast heat up time and auto constant temperature control. It stops when the heating reaches the temperature that preset to the gun, to prevent the damage to gun from overheating, and reduce power consuming, thus having long-term use.
      Insulation ability: no stroke at 3750V/per minute; safe use under 100V-240V of alternating and direct current, not limited by voltage variation, built-in fuse provides more security.

Application field

     *Electronic circuit board                         Toys and models
     *Crafts                                                       Home decoration
     *Hardware tools and furniture              Wood products
     *Hardboard                                              Other general purpose applications

How to use?
     1. Hold up the stand, which is adjustable in angle
     2. Put the glue stick into the back of the gun, switch on the power
     3. Press the glue stick several time to ensure it fixed inside the gun.
     4. Ready to use after 3 minutes heat-up.
     5. Press the trigger until the hot glue outflow.
     6. Cut off the power supply, no need clean the nozzle, no need take glue stick out.

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