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——Vacuum Sealer

    Vacuum-Sealer, external extracting type is used in normal packing and more in vacuum sealing, extracting air from the package or charging inert gases into the package. It has wide application, particularly suitable for packaging goods in big size, or with low vacuum and purer gas charging requirement.

Product categories:
      There two types of external extracting vacuum-Sealer, horizontal type and vertical type. Normally, each sealer has one or more extract opening. The horizontal type is equipped more with a stainless workbench. The vertical type is removable, available to lift the heat seal line up and down, to suit vacuum pack in different height.

Product Features:
*Multi-function in combination of sealing and vacuum packing.
*Extract only gas inside the bag, fast work (finish in 2~3 seconds).
*Workbench is adjustable to suit packages in different height, particularly suitable for large or irregular shaped packages.
*High pressure to ensure strong sealing, much superior to the conventional packing.
*Small size (only 0.5㎡), one person can handle it. Equipped with a storing box for small articles.
*Caster at the bottom, movable.
*Computing panel controlling, manual button and foot switch, easy for operation.

      *Vacuum pack of cloth, cotton or woolen products, to compress the package size and save logistic cost.
      *Vacuum pack of kinds of electric products (semi-conductor, wafer, IC, circuit board, electric finished products) and metal parts, to prevent dampness, oxidation discoloration.
      *Vacuum pack of seafood, fruit, tea, salted food, bean products, to prevent oxidation deterioration and extend duration.

How to select vacuum- sealer


      Do not just pay attention to the models when select a vacuum-sealer. Different products require different package size, vacuum degree, packing efficiency.
Several factors shall be mainly considered:
      1. The feature and shape of your product (for example, liquid, solid, powder, colloidal, semi-liquid, salted, cooked meat, seafood, etc.)
      2. The size of the product package (including bag mouth width, bag side length, the height of the bag with product inside),
      3. Study the vacuum-sealer’s seal length, row-to-row distance, maximum height of the vacuum chamber, packing efficiency, etc and find out the right model to suit your product.

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