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——Cargo Tarpaulin

     Cargo tarpaulin is always equipped with trucks to protect cargo from rain, water and sunray. PVC high-density cargo tarpaulin is an ideal choice to different trucks due to its advantages of lower weight, good wear-resistance, easy to cover etc.


Quality standard
In accordance with international standard QB / T 3808-1999

Color standard
International standard color card of PANTONE of United States

Product features
A number of tarpaulins have shortcomings such as flaws, water leakage, loose covering, easy leaking in the middle joint, etc. PVC high-density cargo tarpaulin has extraordinary performance of rainproof, windproof, corrosion resistance and tearing strength, better than other similar products.

   Feather comparison

Feature comparison

Other tarps

PVC high-density tarp

Tension load (warp N)



Weft N



Elongation at break (warp %)






Thickness of plastic-coated fabric (mm)



Mass area ratio of plastic-coated fabric g/㎡



Waterproof ㎜ (anti burst of spray)



Anti-inflaming S



Cold resistance ℃

Not break at -20℃

Not break at -20℃

Racking load N



1. Used for wet-isolated and inflammable goods and other related ones. Other uses not related are prohibited.
2. For the cargoes that possibly get the tarp damaged, the shipper shall prepare the protective material and take protective measures.
3. Poisonous, corrosive, polluting materials or goods are prohibited to use tarp.


Use procedures
    1. When using two sheets of tarp, no less than 500mm in length is needed for the joint parts in forward direction. The end rope of the upper tarp shall be tied vertically to waist rope of the under tarp.
    2. The license plate, handbrake and hook lever mustn’t be covered by the tarp. The sag of tarp on the side of handbrake must be within 40mm. For loading of packed goods, it must be firstly tied up and strengthened before using tarp and binding it. The remaining part of connector binding to the waist and side ropes shall be within 300mm in length, for which rope card is needed.
    3. Both ends of the truck should be wrapped first, every corner-rope strained down in a diagonal direction. The side and corner ropes along two sides of the truck must be fastened through the inner side of handbrake hook or hook lever. The two sides of the tarp (including the end on the two tarps’ joint of middle, corner rope of side) should be strained to the other side in a cross or diagonal direction (waist rope in vertical direction) to round on the T-iron or pillar slot with two circles and form at least two heard ties and one slipknot. Do not tie it up onto any other part not prescribed.


Protect your cargo

Specification and size

    Applicable to various types of vans, trucks, technical vehicles, etc.

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