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——Temperature & Humidity Monitor

     Temperature & Humidity Monitor, LED Screen, is a combination of advanced LED technology and Temperature/Humidity Sensor. It can accurately monitor the temperature and humidity in the environment with very low power consumption. It is easily wall mounted and clearly readable.

      Environment Application
Widely used in manufacturing of IC packaging, semiconductor , SMT, PCB and other electronics products, laboratory, warehouse, hospital , SPA ,Sauna Baths, schools, ammunition depots, computer rooms, printing factory, paper-production line, clean rooms and other critical areas etc.

Product Features
     *Wall mounted or vertical hanging, easily installed.
     * High-precision, high-stability sensor, available in 100% replacement on-site, no need recalibration.
     *Large-size and high-brightness LED display
     *A variety of input and output, suitable for different applications
     *Lightweight shell, nice appearance, practical
     *4-inch super bright digital display, readable in 30 meters.
     *Wide voltage input range (AC85V-240V), ultra low-power design, power consumption less than 5W


Technical Application
     *Single point of temperature / humidity measurement and display
     *Multiplexing temperature/humidity measurements,
on-site display and networking convergence acquisition
     *Compatible with DDC / PLC and other data acquisition system

Technical parameters
     Power Supply :220VAC±15%
     Power Consumption:<5W
     Display Mode: 3-digit, high brightness LED
     Display Resolution:0.1℃,0.1%RH
     Display Range:0-50.0℃, 0-99.9%RH
     Indication Accuracy:0.3/0.4℃, 2%/3%RH optional
     Update rate:temperature 30 seconds, humidity 4seconds
     External size:700(W) * 267(H)* 50(Thickness, dupic 80)mm
     Weight:Single Screen 4.3kg, dupic 6.8kg
     Material: stainless steel outline border, sand blasting surface       
treatment, sub-bright black, organic glass sheet panel, PVC film paste.


Other designs in option

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